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I shall endeavour to update this page at least once a fortnight with links to the latest additions to my site.

Latest update:

19th December 2005:

Newsletter No 26

Newsletter No 27

Previous updates:

14th April 2005:

Newsletter No 25

14th April 2005:

Newsletter No 24

1st March 2005:

Newsletter No 23

17th January 2004

New Article

Being a Learning Organisation

10th December 2004:

Newsletter No 22

28th October 2004:

New link:

Complex Adaptive Systems Research      


New Network:

Worldwide Democracy Network


New Article

Dancing with Systems


New Stories

Two Caterpillars

The Wise Teacher

27th October 2004:

Newsletter No 21

11th October 2004:

An article on budgeting and complexity

31st August 2004

Newsletter No 20

A new site on Spiral Dynamics

A new newsletter

5th August 2004

We have set up a completely new section of our site that relates to the general consultancy side of our business trojantactics. This has also entailed transferring a few items from the existing site to the new one.

We have also taken the opportunity to overhaul our existing complexity site. The new items are:

29th February 2004

Newsletter No 19

New site - Cdynamics

18th November 2003

Newsletter No 17

New article - an Interview with Roger Lewin

New contact - David Burnby

30th July 2003 New Article – The Paradox of Learning

25th July
2003 Trojanmice Newsletter No 16

19th June
2003 Trojanmice Newsletter No 15

1st May 2003

Trojanmice Newsletter No 14

24th February 2003

Here is a link to an inspirational article about Dee Hock, the founder of the Visa Corporation -

10th February 2003

Newsletter No 13

Paperless 360º Appraisal Process

12th December 2002

Newsletter No 12

19th November 2002

Newsletter No 11

Links to the following sites:

- David Whyte
- Appreciative Inquiry
- Boids
- Complexity Explained

17th September 2002

Newsletter No 10
A section on my values

17th June 2002

Newsletter No 9
A new link to the Plexus Organisation

9th April 2002

Newsletter No 8
The web site for Amanda Dale
A new link to The Institute for the Study of Coherence and Emergence
A new storytelling web site

17th February 2002
Newsletter No 7
A new web site on storytelling

January 17 2002
Newsletter No 6

January 07 2002
An update of the "How I Can Help You" section including the new "The Thriving Organisation" experience
My address and map

17th November
Two new slides - Managing Complexity
                         Low Trust - High Trust
A new story
A link to a website on how to tell and write stories
A new article on The Thriving Organisation
Newsletter No 5

10th October
Complexity Club Newsletter No4

3rd October 2001
Three new links :
New England Complex Systems Institute
Complexity & Artificial Life Research Concept

Dennis Martin's website
The Art of Story Telling

11th September 2001
Complexity Club Newsletter No3

14th August 2001
The addition of Anthony De Mello's book Awareness to the books section.
A new section on Stories.

19th July 2001

Complexity Club Newsletter No2

15 June 2001
Launch of the London School of Economics ICoSS Project

21st May 2001

The first complexity club newsletter

1st May 2001

Two new slides on the properties of complexity
A picture of Trojan in the complexity club
A new link to the MHA Institute

20th April 2001
Random Jargon Generator in the Complexity Club