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The Thriving Organisation Experience


How is your organisation faring in these rapidly changing times? Are you just surviving, are you surviving well, or are you thriving? Obviously surviving is crucial, but there is more to organisational life than that, much more. If we are thriving we are clearly doing well at all the things needed for survival but more importantly we are fulfilling our organisation’s true purpose. We are making the real difference that our founders intended for us and we are laying the foundations for our organisations existence for a long time.


Thriving is not a state that is naturally reached by becoming better at surviving. No amount of continuous improvement will turn a surviving organisation into a thriving one. Thriving organisations have learnt to see themselves in a very different way and consequently have learnt to behave in very different ways. They have also had to unlearn some things too.


The thriving organisation

  • Clearly does well those things which are essential for survival
  • Sees itself as a community
  • Is clear about what it wants to be and so is everyone in it
  • Sees its people as whole beings and not as assets or resources
  • Values its people for their contribution 
  • Understands that the relationship between people is as important as the people themselves
  • Operates on the basis of trust
  • Understands that large change programmes seldom work and that sustainable change is brought about by the individuals choosing to act differently
  • Has an indefinable quality of magic about it

The Thriving Organisation Experience is structured around the following

  • A series of inputs including workshops and self learning which will enable your people to see your organisation from completely new perspectives
  • Numerous suggestions for getting started on the journey to "thrival", including many practical things you can do straight away
  • And the offer of support on your journey that you can use as much or as little as you feel you need. 

The basis of the Thriving Organisation Experience is the emerging insights for the world of business from concepts developed in other disciplines which we have translated into business action. These include complexity theory, neuro-linguistic programming, evolutionary psychology, and the latest studies about the nature of intelligence including spiritual intelligence.


The experience explores the five major aspects of business transformation as follows





Taking charge of your brain

Unlearning those harmful things

Perverse thinking

The paradox of the perverse proxy

The law of unintended consequences


Just in time information

Story telling


Appreciative enquiry

Feedback loops


Enriching connections

Pattern spotting

The power of peer learning

Valuing the difference

Upward management


Aspiring to a state of being

Creating a purpose

Holding Leadership

Self responsibility & self management



Managing and appraising relationships


The enabling how

Personal energy investment

Contracting for outcomes

Managing the ands



It is not a large change programme or a prescribed process such as business process engineering or total quality management, it is an experience which can help you and your people reframe the world in which you work and thereby release that extra potential that is in us all.



The Thriving Organisation Experience will be tailored to meet your preferences, but generally it will operate at four levels within your organisation.


*        The Awake Leader Experience – for the most senior team(s) in the organisation and in particular for those responsible for strategy.

*        The Sense Making Manager Experience – for all the managers in your organisation, in particular those in middle management.

*        The Transforming Team Experience – for all your real teams (as opposed to groups) and it is about how the team can change itself as well as add value to your organisation.

*        The Purposeful Employee Experience – for anyone in your organisation, which can include subcontractors and other on-site workers.


The actual content for each of the four levels above will be negotiated with each organisation individually with the content and emphasis varying with each group of participants to reflect their needs and role.


The Thriving Organisation Experience is facilitated by Peter Fryer and Amanda Dale, who are specialists in an approach to change management that is based on developing new insights about what organisations really are and how they really work. They bring a wide range of complimentary skills and approaches and both have extensive experience of working in an environment that has practiced all of the above.




Participating in The Thriving Organisation will enable you to


  • See your organisation from many new perspectives
  • Move from being a surviving organisation to becoming a thriving one
  • Delight your customers and stakeholders
  • Increase your speed to market
  • Eliminate hidden waste
  • Increase the contribution of all your people
  • And create magic together