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How to use the generator

Select any phrase in Column A and combine it with any other from each of Columns B, C and D to produce an instant conference remark which will impress the audience with your learning and easy acquaintance with contemporary issues. Or string an a number of phrases together to produce a mind numbing report.

To take an example: "Within the frame work of the new aid strategy (A), a multi-pronged attack at all levels (B), should mobilize resources in (C) the village community (D)".

Or another:

"Semantics apart (A), culture-bound learning experiences (B) may be under-rated in (C) grassroots programmes (D)".

Each phrase is of course rubbish but it takes a brave person to challenge you.


In the larger connotation
Having identified the variables
Within the framework of the new aid strategy
Based on the present scenario
Semantics apart
Given the social economic and political constraints
From the nationwide viewpoint
In the third world
At this point in time
Quote …. unquote
In point of fact
Through situational analysis
Taking the overall view
In the last analysis
As agreed by the task force
Within the feeder system
Using indicative allocations
Within the shadow urban area
At the Margins
In view of the finite limit on resources
Parasitic operations within a raft of
Between client group needs
As a result of apocryphal foundations
According to the alumni
Because of traditional pedagogy
Exit strategies demand that
The holistic dichotomy means that
Introducing co-terminosity within
Providing a level playing field for
Requiring up front finance for
Ensuring continuous monitoring of
By cascading
Expensive tooling up of
Disaggregating the projections in
Demonstrating zero tolerance in
It is recognized that down loading
Support for normalization deficit in
Requiring increasing symbiosis for
A good measure of switching in
The recent file sizing exercise for
Foundation training ensures

appropriate technology
conventional wisdom
quantifiable parameters
a multi-pronged attack at all levels
mixed strategies
multi-disciplinary activities
total participation
culture-bound learning experiences
macro inputs
simplistic criteria
top-down planning
the sibling interface
prescriptive statements
accountable management
quality circles
the tutorial link
managing Agents
profiled variance
trainee centred learning
explorical information
front loading delivery systems
skills stacking
the sub-regional dimension
multi phased benchmarking
occupational steers
the socially disadvantaged
user groups
relevant progression
validated competences
zero defect groups
profiled programme expenditure
a drip feed approach
the deemed cost squeeze
a significant fold up
quantifiable planning and cluster targets
extraneous filibustering
competence based learning
cognitive psychology
variable scoping
criminogenic needs
a kinaesthetic sense
would not be feasible in
must be viewed in the context of
should be adopted in
could be replicated in
should mobilize resources in
should be integrated with
may articulate with
can be disseminated through
may be under-rated in
should create an awareness of
may give new impetus to
should be recognized in
should be seen as a caveat to
can be assessed with
should facilitate
should show cognisance of
should be seen as praxis in
should be charged with
should maximize impact on
should be budget driven by
should be flagged up in
must be seen as cost effective in
should be a negative regulating mechanism on
should be internally brigaded with
should harmonise the budgetary interface with
will maximize cost efficiency in
should be an essential requirement of
will maximise the minimum distribution of
should be retrospectively preferred to
will require continued development of
will show an increasing disposition towards
would not be politically correct in
should not be syntax governed for
would be a message for
is a developmental imperative in
will provide polyvalence in
should create the expected out-turn in
will suggest future speculation in
should require pro social modelling for
will give the idea of alternance to
should take a diagonal cross section through
the corridors of power
self-help schemes
inner city life
the rural hinterland
the basic infrastructure
grassroots programmes
the devolved village community
on-going projects
the surrounding environment
the follow-up study
the pilot exercise
the summative evaluation
the work role
the learning curve
adult training contractors
the stimulating of creative innovation
the strategic overview
the current cohort
activity based learning
open learning
the level of harmonization
nugget type stories
a cost effective programme
the on-going negative carry over situation
the tyranny of the urgent paradox
the division into aliquots
staff space capacity
relevant assessment instruments
the emerging meganomics syllabus
one to one relationships
the work of the process consultant
the operating agreement
the evaluation strategy
avoiding conflicts of interest
360° feedback programmes
the badging of soft skills
a global awareness attack
the quasi social thing
any data call charges
an emerging guided fantasy
the intrinsic statistical differences


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