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A Cautionary Tale

“A man was told that somewhere on that beach there was a pebble of pure gold. He dedicated himself to finding it. Everyday, from 9-5 he walked the beach, along the sea’s edge, picking up pebbles, quickly examining them, and discarding them into the sea. Pick up, examine, discard, pick up, examine, discard, pick up, examine, discard: all day working to a rhythm. He dedicated his life to finding the precious stone, ‘when I find it all my problems will be solved, my life will be heavenly’ He ignored all entreaties and offers of other ways to solve his problems. All day, every day, year after year, it became a way of life.

And so, in his 56th year he picked up a stone that was different from the rest. Even as he noted that it was different, his body, moved ahead in rhythm and discarded the stone to the sea.

Was he a lucky or an unlucky man?”