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This page contains the articles I have written and selected articles written by others which help to explain complexity at work in organisations.

Another Fine Mess You've Got Me Into                                       Frances Storr
A general explanation of complexity theory and its application to organisations. Written in fairly scientific terms with a number of references.

Becoming a Learning Company                                                 Frances Storr
Using Humberside TEC as an example this articles explores the relationship between complexity theory and learning organisations.

Being a Learning Company                                                            Peter Fryer
This article describes the journey that Humberside TEC undertook to become a
learning organisation using the principles of complexity theory. .

Complexity in Practice
                                         Frances Storr + Peter Fryer
A description of how complexity theory was applied to Humberside TEC. It describes the design principles which were used and some of the initiatives which were introduced.

From Budgets to Budgeting                                                           George Watts

An article by George Watts who was the accountant at Humberside TEC that explores how we changed our budgeting processes as we took on board complexity.

No Plans For The Future                                                           Jonathon Wilson

An excellent article describing how complexity relates to the world of business. In particular how forecasting based on measurement and control is losing its relevance as a tool for successful planning and organization management.

Paperless but Powerful                                                              Frances Storr
A description of a paperless 360° appraisal system based on the principles of

The Paradox of Learning                                                           Paul Jacobson
A fascinating article about the different levels of learning and the paradoxical nature of learning.

Simple, yet Complex
An article recording an interview with Roger Lewin who gives an excellent illustration of how complexity affects organisational life.

Spiritual Intelligence in Action                                                  Amanda Dale
Two articles which explore spiritual intelligence in action at Humberside TEC. This is an excellent example of looking at complexity theory through another lens.

Surviving and Thriving                                                                  Peter Fryer
An introduction to the concepts of complexity theory and its implication to the way we work and structure organisations.

The Thriving Organisation                                                             Peter Fryer
An article written for small businesses that describes how complexity can be relevant to them. Not much theory but plenty of examples.

To Plan or not to Plan                                                                   Peter Fryer
An examination of planning is a complex adaptive system using a number of examples.

What are Complex Adaptive Systems?                                          Peter Fryer
A straightforward description of complex adaptive systems and complexity theory for those to whom the concept is new.

Work-Life Balance
                                                                       Peter Fryer
A different perspective of the current debate on work-life balance using the properties of complexity theory.

Other Articles

Patterns of Wholeness: by Brian Goodwin

Interview with Roger Lewin on Complexity:
This is an interview with Roger Lewin who gives an excellent illustration of how complexity affects organisational life

A fascinating interview with Karl Weick: who has some really interesting views about complexity and organisations.

New Rules for the New Economy :
featuring "twelve dependable principles for thriving in a turbulent world".

In his article Kevin Kelly explores principles about connections, non-linearity, the significance of tipping points, the law of increasing returns, but also generosity, allegiances, letting go, sustainable disequilibria, and seeking out opportunities.

Smarter, Simpler, Social:
an introduction to online social software methodology by Lee Bryant

Smart Heuristics: by Gerd Gigerenzer

Bringing Life to Organizational Change:
byMargaret J. Wheatley & Myron Kellner- Rogers

Dancing with Systems: by Donella Meadows

A fascinating desciption of applying complex adaptive systems to the real world